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Some new protoss fan art

These pics weren't published online before. They're made by my friend Zera, and I just had to share the links :) drawing protoss is his big hobby.
Hope you'll enjoy them as I do. =)

"Khalai couple"
"Dark templar"
"Female dark templar"
"Judicator Jessindar"
"Khala-sutra episode II"
"Sad Zera"
"Teased with soul pain"

Feedback is welcomed (I'll forward to him your comments, if any :)

P.S. Khala-Sutra ep.II is related to another fan art piece - "Khala-sutra" by Tenebria. We with group of friends usually joke about "khala-sutra" as hypotetic "love code" of Aiur - Conclave approved & tested, of course :)
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