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Protoss Fan Art, RPG images and sketches. For those who like such stuff :)

Author: Zera (nichtojestvo)

Little protoss, just hatched


Templars in love

Little protoss playing "easter eggs"

Sad protoss

Alien/Protoss hybrids

Two protoss and zergling

Kerrigan and hydras

"42nd song of ascension" novel illustrations

Little Jessie thrown in the pool by his friend
"42nd song" main characters during the briefing (Cassandra, Jessindar, Achernar - above / Ter-Nergal, Artanis, Thalinar - below)
Procurator Algeneya and young Jessindar, during the court
Cassandra&Jessindar on the Aiur beach (warning: some nudity inside)

RPG illustrations
A bunch of protoss RPG characters smoking incense
PRG characters portraits
Jokes (Khala tech'support 24h/day :) Judicator and agent of the Matrix :)

Author: Trinissar (h_factor)
Xel-Naga pyramid
Dark templar portrait

Author: Sefora (cefora)
Jessindar driving an arbiter
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