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New member!

Hello all!
It's good to see a community dedicated to the Protoss, and that it's still active! I have meager pickings of art of my own finished at current, and sadly, I'm horrible at hyper linking...
Here are the direct links to some of my works, please scroll down to the Artists comments for descriptions.
Looking forward to seeing some amazing arts from everyone!


En taro Adun!
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Nice pic. But I expected more pics, and I saw only one picture of Khas. Do you have more?
I do, I am working on multiple images at once, and have two in particular that I'm doing that depict my character, Judicator Xerxes who I've had since I first got the game shortly after it was released. (since then his history and story have evolved an immense amount.)
It's too bad your story is in all russian, and that I cannot read russian... T_T
No matter, thanks for looking, and hopefully we can talk more! (Hell, I'd love to get into an RP community for Starcraft -preferably Protoss-based... >.>)