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Protoss fan art at DeviantArt... and, return of the Xel'Naga?

... if someone wants new protoss fan art appearing at DeviantArt, to be delivered in your LJ friends page - you may add to watch list this syndicated feed :)

(last updates in the feed are my own deviant submissions - it's not a promotional post, because my protoss fan art already was submitted in protoss_fandom in the past. I just was filling my deviant profile with some old pictures :) But the newsfeed was created to watch pics by other artisis.

And, by the way... this screenshot from Starcraft 2 cinematics (with comments) -- makes me think much... how do we interprete it?
The coming of the Hybrids - or the return of the "Gods"?..
I felt a little scared by this image...

(don't know if anyone will comment? - the community was abandoned for long time.. and it makes me sad... but I believe that fandom is not dead)

I started collecting together my favorite protoss fan art at Deviant. Enjoy everyone.

* gone to read Zeratul/Artanis yaoi fanfic :)
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