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Jessindar'k'Shelak of the Judicators

Jessindar k'Shelak
by ~Ziferonan on deviantART

Fanart from Zeratul (Ziferonan) for my novel-length book "42th Song Of Ascension". He's the main character.
I'm so sorry that it's impossible to translate this book into english for english-speaking Protoss fans. Uhm. I don't have enough money to hire a translator who would be skilled enough... uhm. may be I need a fundraising plan and start collecting donations? =)))

but, russian-speaking readers indeed enjoy te book. it's based on classic Starcraft 1 events.

** I'm starting the new book. Most likely. Very soon. About the Aeon of Strife and rise of Khas and his followers.
*NOT* based on Blizzard's "dark templar saga" and so *not* using their matherials about Khas' character and birth of Khala. It will be my own version. I'm only using manual+SC1+Broodwar as canon.
If anyone is interested about discussing protoss and life on Aiur in the days of Aeon of Strife... then contact me. Any help in brainstorming will be indeed appreciated.
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